Eating Out on Weight Watchers

Eating Out on Weight Watchers

I think a lot of people assume that if you’re dieting, or part of a weight loss group like weight watchers, then you have to restrict yourself completely. They think that they can’t go out for a meal because of high calories and as is the case with weight watchers, point values. Now, I’m not someone who eats out all the time, I couldn’t afford to. I do however occasionally like to go out for lunch with a friend, or dinner with my mum and such. I don’t feel like I should have to give that up just because I’m part of a diet group. There are members of my group who would hear me talking about going out for a meal and balk at the very idea (these same people would then go on to talk about how they’d gorged on chocolate or ice cream during the week!). I think you still have to be able to enjoy food!

With weight watchers, I have found eating out easier than other plans, because of the propoints system. You have your daily allowance of points, and then on top of that, an additional 49 weekly points to be use for whatever you want. Because I was heavier than some when I started, I have a higher points allowance of 36 points per day. This means that as a general rule, I don’t even need to use my 49 weekly points as the 36 go far enough on their own! But then there are times like tonight.

I live with my mum, but she works, and obviously has friends and I have things of my own too. There’s always people popping in and out, so we don’t necessarily get a lot of time to just spend together. So we decided today that we’d go to Wetherspoon’s for dinner and then to bingo (which we never win) just to have a night out together. Spend some quality time. Now there is no denying that many of their meals are very high in points, some as high as 69.  I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t completely sure how to point the meal, because I hadn’t used more than 6 of my daily points, so after speaking with an adviser online, I figured it out.

My meal was 41points, so since I had 36 daily to use, I used those, and put the other 5 points on my weekly points. To make thing simpler, I put my breakfast in the weeklies too. This is what I like about this plan. I can eat what I want because not only am I given my daily allowance, but extra on top of that for the week which means that I can indulge sometimes and stick to the plan, because even if my meal is more than my daily allowance I have those extra 49 to fall back on.  It’s something that I think people on plans like this need to remember. We’re given these tools so that we can lose weight but still enjoy food. There are absolutely some plans out there which require you to cut out everything you might enjoy. I avoid those completely. But with a plan like weight watchers, you don’t have to. Some people like a bottle of wine at the weekend. I enjoy a pub lunch now and then, with diet cola instead of the wine and enjoy the food. That’s something that I refuse to let other group members make me feel bad about.

Eating out is absolutely possible on the weight watchers plan, because of those extra 49 weekly points. You can even do it on your daily points if you’re careful with your selection. So don’t deprive yourself!



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