Another Week, Another Wigh In

Another Week, Another Wigh In

So it has been 2 weeks since I posted because last Wednesday, I stupidly broke my laptop screen so was unable to post. It’s all fixed now though, so here we go!

Tonight I lost 2lb, bringing me to a total of 10lbs lost in 5 weeks. I have to be honest, I am SUPER excited by this fact. The last time I attended a slimming class was last year, with Slimming World, and to lose 10lbs it took probably more than that number of weeks. In the year I was there, I only lost a stone. So I’m definitely feeling better with this plan. I’m finding it seems to be working a little bit better for me.

I’ve added a countdown app to my phone for my trip to New York, and with 194 days to go, and being 10lbs down already, I’m hoping I might actually surpass my 2stone goal before I go on my trip. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll be over the moon if I lose the 2st before I go, anything extra would just be a bonus. I definitely feel more optimistic though, I’m really determined. And it feels good to know people think I’m doing well. Whether I lose half a pound, or 4lbs, my mum always tells me how great my loss is each week. And after seeing how my friend, who I attend the class with, was disappointed by her own mum’s reaction tonight, I’m so grateful for the support my mum shows me. My friend has lost about 16lbs in 5 weeks, I think that’s an amazing achievement and something to be proud of! Which I made sure to tell her, because we joined this class together to support each other and that’s what I intend to do!

I’ve talked a bit in the past about the Weight Watchers propoints calculator, and I was a bit shocked at the £9.95 price tag on it, even though I bought it. Truthfully though? I’m so glad I did! I would be lost without it. I use it every single day. This past weekend I went through my freezer and fridge and worked out points for every item I had in there, wrote them down in a notebook so that I will always have that reference. My little purple calculator even goes shopping with me! Other shoppers must look at me like I’m insane. But not a single thing goes in my trolley with me first using my calculator to figure out the points in each portion and deciding if I think it’s worth it. It’s a god send, because it saves me from buying something that I think would only be a few points and finding it’s actually a huge amount. A good example of that would be a panini I got from a supermarket a while back. Now I thought it would maybe be about 10propoints, which I thought, is okay if it’s a lunch and I’m not eating dinner until later. Imagine my shock when during my mass calculation, I input all the values hit enter and was told it was 18points! For one small panini! For those same points I can go to Wrtherspoon’s and have ham, egg and chips and a big glass of diet pepsi! I was beyond shocked and glad I hadn’t eaten it! I certainly won’t be now! So while it was little expensive to buy, the calculator has definitely been worth every penny to me. It’s my lifesaver on this plan.

I’m going to try and mention a new discovery if I make one that is great on plan for me, each week. This week the discovery was this:

These yogurt drinks are 1 point each, and as someone who has a horrible sleep pattern, and often wakes up right before having to run out the door for whatever reason, these are so handy. I can grab it on my way out and drink it on the bus. And they’re tasty! Obviously not as thick and creamy as the actual yogurt, but definitely tastes good enough.  So if you’re like me and like something you can grab on the go. I definitely recommend these.

I still plan to review the schwartz flavour shots, but I haven’t actually tried them yet, like I’d planned. But I definitely will soon!

I’ll be back next week, hopefully another little bit closer to my goal.


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