Weight Watching Week 2

Weight Watching Week 2

For anyone who has ever dieted, maybe a bit like me, you find the first week quite easy and the second week more difficult. You start to crave the things you haven’t had in a couple of weeks, the little treats that you wouldn’t have had to really think twice about getting before you started your diet. Whether on an actual groups diet plan, or just doing it yourself. Usually it’s in this second week that you see people having the kind of things you can’t really have anymore and that just makes you want it even more!

My example: Most Saturday’s, I watch my niece and nephew while their parents are out for the night, their siblings away to their dads for the weekend. Now usually, my thanks for doing that, is they buy me dinner. Never anything healthy of course. Maybe a Chinese, a McDonalds… some sort of fast food. This past Saturday though, I couldn’t have it. That didn’t stop them though! They sat around me with sausages, fritters and chips from the local chip shop, lots of chippy brown sauce. I’d had my healthy fish pie for dinner earlier. Had my cereal and had even taken my own milk to have with it for later, my low points snacks. I swear, I have never wanted anything so bad as I did right then! I hold my hands up and admit, I was talked in to eating a fritter. But considering I wanted to devour every greasy bit of food they had, I actually count that as a small victory. I managed to hold on to a little bit of willpower!

Saturday is just about Mid-week for my plan, since my class is on a Wednesday, and I suppose, weekends are probably hardest for most people. While for some people it’s having a drink or something on a night out, for me, it’s a day home alone all day as my mum is at work. (Yes I’m 29 and still live with my mum, but she’s my best friend so I don’t mind), and so instead of making something just for myself, I tend to think, ‘Oh I’ll just have some crisps or a slice of bread and butter’, not the healthiest options, lets be honest. And then, when I’m babysitting, there’d be the take away. So in week two, that has definitely been the biggest adjustment.

The next thing I probably noticed, is that with the success of week 1, I figured, okay, the foods I was eating did me really well. I’ll stick with those. Let’s face it though, it becomes really ‘samey’ after 2 weeks of repeating the same 2 or 3 meals. If I’m honest it probably doesn’t help the weight loss either to never change it up. I have to admit, I’m a carbs girl, and while on weight watchers, that’s absolutely fine, that all fits into the diet with the points system, overloading on them probably doesn’t do a whole lot of good. So with the advice of a friend, I did a couple of lower carb days, and having sneakily weighed myself throughout the week, I did notice that this was when my weight went down. So it’s definitely something I need to try and keep working on. Not having quite as much carbs every day and changing things up a bit.

I got one little thing that I want to try, it’s a Schwartz flavour shot, and when I’ve tried it, i’ll review it on here. But that will be for next week most likely. But be expecting it!

I did buy a few weight watchers branded items this week.  One of which was Weight Watchers bacon medallions.

Now I have to be honest here, I wasn’t overly happy to pay £2.65 for 8 rashers of bacon, but the truth is, they’re probably worth paying the bit extra for. For one you don’t have to mess about trimming all the fat from them. They’re also not as small as you might expect. At 1 point per rasher, one the days when I was having high protein dinners, I could have 4 of them with sausage and eggs and it made a lovely dinner. I’m not saying I’d buy them all the time because bacon isn’t something I eat a lot of, but if I’m buying it now and again, for a specific meal then I think I probably would just pay the bit extra for them.

I also love a packet of crisps every night, so my saving grace is Quavers which come in at 2 points a packet, and definitely worth it. Other little snacks/treats I love that I’ve had this week, and are low points are Ambrosia Devon custard pots which are 3 points for a normal pot and 2 for the light. Weight watchers ice cream swirlies which you can get a pack of 2 of in Iceland for £12 right now, also 2 points each, and they’re lovely. So I am definitely finding my way with this plan, figuring out little things (and not so little) that I can have and enjoy without worry about destroying my diet.

So I suppose we should come to today’s weight in. Not as much as last week but it was

1.5lbs loss

That’s a number I’m happy with, that’s 6lbs in two weeks on this plan, one previous plans, its taken me much longer than that! So I’m on the right track! Next week hopefully I will get my half stone sticker, that is the aim!

(Oh and I did have a chip shop take away tonight as a treat, really wasn’t worth it. Didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would. Think next week I’ll just have my treat be a slightly larger portion of my normal meal!)



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