So, tonight was the first official weigh in at my weight watchers class. I’m going to be honest, I was nervous! I’m not one for cooking things fresh all the time, don’t always have the money or inclination to. I’m one of those people that definitely goes through phases, but I did find a couple of staples this week. Things that were a constant part of my food routine. I’m not usually a breakfast person, I can go all day until dinner time without having something, but this week, I made sure that I had something when I woke. Usually toast or cereal. Both of those things were my staples! I had one for supper and the other at night before bed. The reason: I’m a night time snacker! I always have been, I am not the best sleeper in the world, I tend to be up til 3am easily watching tv and that’s when I want to snack on absolute rubbish. But with making sure I have something to eat around 9pm, that has definitely been reduced.

Now, I won’t say that I haven’t snacked at all this week. That would be a lie. Truthfully, I still have crisps and something sweet every day. The difference now is that I have much lower calorie versions of what I usually would, and I work them into my allotted points for the day. I have 37, and honestly, I find it hard to use them all! The thing with this weight watchers propoints plan though, is that you NEED to use your daily allowance, or at least as close to it as possible. You have some leeway, where you can save a few one day to use extra on another. Personally, I prefer to try and stick to my daily amount as a general rule. So that being said, at night when I want my snacks, instead of the bar of galaxy or similar chocolate I would usually have, and the fatty crisps. I now have a packet of Quavers (2points a pack) and a Special K Biscuit Moments. Right now in our local poundland they’re in stock, which is great because they can be expensive otherwise, so i’ve been stocking up! That let’s me satisfy my cravings for something sweet and crisps without high calorie options and high points.  It’s great.

On the main meal side of things, I went shopping in Iceland and took my trusty weight watchers calculator (still can’t believe I paid £9.95 for it! Now I’ve joined up monthly I get it on my phone for free!), and before anything went in my trolley, the calculator came out, and points were figured out. If an okay portion worked out at an acceptable points value, in it went, if not, back in the freezer! I found that a lot of the things I liked, and that are handy, like chicken goujons, fish cakes etc, were all reasonable points values. So I got quite nicely stocked up for the week with the intention to make home made soup next week to bulk up the freezer some more!

Because I had done all  of this, I found it very easy to stay on the plan. I wrote everything down in my daily tracker so I always knew how many points I had used, and how many I had left. I was even able to go out for dinner to Wetherspoon’s and stay withing my daily allowance! (Ham, egg and chips was 18 points, great portion size, tasted delicious and absolutely worth it.) In just this one week, I have learned that it is so easy to lose weight, to follow a plan without having to spend a fortune you don’t have on different kinds of food that you might not like but try to force down because of your diet. Portion control has been what it’s all about. I work out the points values for a portion and I weigh whatever I’m having so that it is a one person portion. And because that’s what’s on my plate, I don’t feel dissatisfied, because it was enough. You only eat more because it’s on the plate. Well I do anyway. So yeah, overall, it’s been an easy week.

Time for the weigh in result??

Week 1: 4.5lb loss

I was so nervous stepping on those scales tonight, i’d had a sneaky weigh at home, but you never know how close those scales are to the ones you step on in class. I had expected maybe 2lbs, so when she told me I had a 4 and a half lb loss, I was over the moon. Not bad for week 1!

I don’t expect that every week, I know after week 1 it tends to be smaller amounts that come off, but a loss is what I aimed for and it’s what I got. So I’m extremely happy! Week 2 begins tomorrow. Fingers crossed next week will be another success. I’m sure I’ll blog more throughout the week now that I know more about the plan!

For anyone else on their own weight loss journeys: Good Luck!



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