When the going gets tough and the weight’s not going

When the going gets tough and the weight’s not going

So for a couple of weeks, I maintained my weight, and I know a lot of people would say it’s better than gaining. In fact, the first week, I said it, because I believed it. I knew I’d been following the plan, tracking every point, weighing every gram of food and writing it all down. We all have blips, and it’s better to stay the same weight than to gain some. I accepted that, moved on. Another week, another chance at a loss. When the second week arrived and I had maintained once again, I have to be honest, I was really annoyed. I was still doing everything by the book, so I didn’t understand why I wasn’t losing. I’m not someone who goes into every weigh in expecting losses of 3+lbs, I’m very happy to lose a pound, because if the weight is going down that’s all that matters. So 2 weeks, no loss.  My spirit and motivation was the only thing that was down! I knew that I had to try something.

Last week we had a stand in meeting leader, who spoke to us about a part of the plan they call filling and healthy. On this plan certain foods are ‘free’ and can be eaten as much as you like. These foods are things like wholemeal pasta, brown bread, brown rice, lean meats, fruit and veg etc. Now as we know, i’m not a fruit and veg eater as a rule. I just don’t like them. However, when it comes to lean meats etc, I like those. The difference I really had to make, which wasn’t a huge one really, was to switch from white pasta, to brown pasta. As you know by now, weight watchers runs on a points system. On the filling and healthy plan, yes you stick to predominantly free foods, but the likelihood is there will be some pointed items thrown in. However, you no longer have daily points. That means that the 49 extra weekly points you are allowed that would usually be served for extra treats outwith your daily allowance, now need to be used for parts of meals that aren’t free.

As an example, one of my favourite meals on the plan last week was brown pasta, mixed with a couple of dairylea triangles (1pt each) and Weight watchers bacon medallions . I also had a nice weight watchers garlic ciabatta (6pts.) On the Filling & Healthy plan, the pasta and bacon were free, but I still needed to point the cheese and ciabatta. Now include in that if I wanted a packet of crisps, or cereal which wasn’t free, I had to take those points from my weekly 49. That, I have to admit, was the part I found the most difficult on filling and healthy. I’m a night owl, I like a snack at night, so really the 49 dwindled quite quickly. By the final day, I had to a points day because I had no weeklies left. Having 36points to use on a normal day,  even though I don’t use them all every day, I always had that little bit of room for extras.

The big question though, is did the change work? I did lose 1lb so maybe changing things up a bit did give me a bit of a kickstart again. Would I do Filling and Healthy all the time? I’m not sure, because really, I found that I could eat the same things on my daily points and stay within them. Okay, I can eat more of things like brown pasta on the f&h plan, but I’m not completely sure it made a huge difference.

The decision I have made for this week is that I’m going to do BOTH plans. I’m going to do day by day, one on filling and healthy and one on my usual daily points. That way I feel I’ll find a bit of a better balance for myself.

I had honestly gotten to the point where I felt if I didn’t lose weight at this week’s weigh in, that I would just give up. It really had dampened my spirit. I have PCOS, and next week, I think I’ll talk more about the effects that condition has on my weight loss. Here’s hoping that next week, there’s another loss for me!

Eating Out on Weight Watchers

Eating Out on Weight Watchers

I think a lot of people assume that if you’re dieting, or part of a weight loss group like weight watchers, then you have to restrict yourself completely. They think that they can’t go out for a meal because of high calories and as is the case with weight watchers, point values. Now, I’m not someone who eats out all the time, I couldn’t afford to. I do however occasionally like to go out for lunch with a friend, or dinner with my mum and such. I don’t feel like I should have to give that up just because I’m part of a diet group. There are members of my group who would hear me talking about going out for a meal and balk at the very idea (these same people would then go on to talk about how they’d gorged on chocolate or ice cream during the week!). I think you still have to be able to enjoy food!

With weight watchers, I have found eating out easier than other plans, because of the propoints system. You have your daily allowance of points, and then on top of that, an additional 49 weekly points to be use for whatever you want. Because I was heavier than some when I started, I have a higher points allowance of 36 points per day. This means that as a general rule, I don’t even need to use my 49 weekly points as the 36 go far enough on their own! But then there are times like tonight.

I live with my mum, but she works, and obviously has friends and I have things of my own too. There’s always people popping in and out, so we don’t necessarily get a lot of time to just spend together. So we decided today that we’d go to Wetherspoon’s for dinner and then to bingo (which we never win) just to have a night out together. Spend some quality time. Now there is no denying that many of their meals are very high in points, some as high as 69.  I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t completely sure how to point the meal, because I hadn’t used more than 6 of my daily points, so after speaking with an adviser online, I figured it out.

My meal was 41points, so since I had 36 daily to use, I used those, and put the other 5 points on my weekly points. To make thing simpler, I put my breakfast in the weeklies too. This is what I like about this plan. I can eat what I want because not only am I given my daily allowance, but extra on top of that for the week which means that I can indulge sometimes and stick to the plan, because even if my meal is more than my daily allowance I have those extra 49 to fall back on.  It’s something that I think people on plans like this need to remember. We’re given these tools so that we can lose weight but still enjoy food. There are absolutely some plans out there which require you to cut out everything you might enjoy. I avoid those completely. But with a plan like weight watchers, you don’t have to. Some people like a bottle of wine at the weekend. I enjoy a pub lunch now and then, with diet cola instead of the wine and enjoy the food. That’s something that I refuse to let other group members make me feel bad about.

Eating out is absolutely possible on the weight watchers plan, because of those extra 49 weekly points. You can even do it on your daily points if you’re careful with your selection. So don’t deprive yourself!


Another Week, Another Wigh In

Another Week, Another Wigh In

So it has been 2 weeks since I posted because last Wednesday, I stupidly broke my laptop screen so was unable to post. It’s all fixed now though, so here we go!

Tonight I lost 2lb, bringing me to a total of 10lbs lost in 5 weeks. I have to be honest, I am SUPER excited by this fact. The last time I attended a slimming class was last year, with Slimming World, and to lose 10lbs it took probably more than that number of weeks. In the year I was there, I only lost a stone. So I’m definitely feeling better with this plan. I’m finding it seems to be working a little bit better for me.

I’ve added a countdown app to my phone for my trip to New York, and with 194 days to go, and being 10lbs down already, I’m hoping I might actually surpass my 2stone goal before I go on my trip. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll be over the moon if I lose the 2st before I go, anything extra would just be a bonus. I definitely feel more optimistic though, I’m really determined. And it feels good to know people think I’m doing well. Whether I lose half a pound, or 4lbs, my mum always tells me how great my loss is each week. And after seeing how my friend, who I attend the class with, was disappointed by her own mum’s reaction tonight, I’m so grateful for the support my mum shows me. My friend has lost about 16lbs in 5 weeks, I think that’s an amazing achievement and something to be proud of! Which I made sure to tell her, because we joined this class together to support each other and that’s what I intend to do!

I’ve talked a bit in the past about the Weight Watchers propoints calculator, and I was a bit shocked at the £9.95 price tag on it, even though I bought it. Truthfully though? I’m so glad I did! I would be lost without it. I use it every single day. This past weekend I went through my freezer and fridge and worked out points for every item I had in there, wrote them down in a notebook so that I will always have that reference. My little purple calculator even goes shopping with me! Other shoppers must look at me like I’m insane. But not a single thing goes in my trolley with me first using my calculator to figure out the points in each portion and deciding if I think it’s worth it. It’s a god send, because it saves me from buying something that I think would only be a few points and finding it’s actually a huge amount. A good example of that would be a panini I got from a supermarket a while back. Now I thought it would maybe be about 10propoints, which I thought, is okay if it’s a lunch and I’m not eating dinner until later. Imagine my shock when during my mass calculation, I input all the values hit enter and was told it was 18points! For one small panini! For those same points I can go to Wrtherspoon’s and have ham, egg and chips and a big glass of diet pepsi! I was beyond shocked and glad I hadn’t eaten it! I certainly won’t be now! So while it was little expensive to buy, the calculator has definitely been worth every penny to me. It’s my lifesaver on this plan.

I’m going to try and mention a new discovery if I make one that is great on plan for me, each week. This week the discovery was this:

These yogurt drinks are 1 point each, and as someone who has a horrible sleep pattern, and often wakes up right before having to run out the door for whatever reason, these are so handy. I can grab it on my way out and drink it on the bus. And they’re tasty! Obviously not as thick and creamy as the actual yogurt, but definitely tastes good enough.  So if you’re like me and like something you can grab on the go. I definitely recommend these.

I still plan to review the schwartz flavour shots, but I haven’t actually tried them yet, like I’d planned. But I definitely will soon!

I’ll be back next week, hopefully another little bit closer to my goal.



So, when I first started this blog, I mentioned mental health being a contributing factor to my continued weight gain and that I would likely at some point speak some more on more specific aspects of that, and this week seemed like a good week to do that as I don’t have anything big to say on my weight loss this week. (I stayed the same but I’m okay with that). So, I thought that it would be good to talk about something else. I’m not embarrassed of ashamed to say I currently see an NHS therapist weekly, and this week. due to a bad panic attack over the weekend, we decided that next week we’re going to fully focus on the assault I faced almost 3 years ago. She talked about how part of my problem is holding onto it. Not talking about it. Now, I won’t say I never talk about it, of course the topic comes up, but just the fear I felt, the anxiety I now suffer from as a result. Never really what happened.  It was suggested it might do me some good to think about that day. To write about it. So that’s what I’m going to do here. So I hope anyone reading this doesn’t mind.

In June 2012, my brother had been working with some organisations within our parish, and 2 other members made unfair and unfounded accusations against him. None of the details are relevant, I won’t go into all of them, I will say my mum went to one of the women and tried to ask her about why she was making the accusations, wanting to sort whatever her issue was privately without involving the police. The woman was drunk, threw a lot of insults around about myself, my mum and my family. My mother left it at that knowing it would do no good.

Then came Friday July 27th, 2012. A week later from my mother’s attempt at speaking with this woman. My friend and I had decided to go to a local shop (not the one we usually would because my friend had a 5p’s and I refused to go into our usual shop where I knew the owners with a handful of 5p’s! So we went to the other one, that was our local when we were children), sitting in the passenger seat of the car as we parked, I noticed someone pointing and assumed they were gesturing past the car,  until the man approached the car.

I had no idea who he was until I noticed the woman from the previous week and it struck me it was her son. He was yelling at me, calling me names, accusing me of many things that were untrue (attacking his mother for example). I attempted to put up the car window, but the electrics weren’t working and it kept going straight back down. He was making threats and I had said I would call the police. I didn’t actually have my phone with me that day, as we had intended to be back in the house within 5 minutes so we had left them. I hoped though that it might make him move away. I was wrong.

The car door was pulled open as this man spit on my face, grabbed my face and hair and attempted to try and drag me from the car. My friend managed to hold onto me and eventually he let go of my head as he kicked me, and stomped onto my sides and legs. I kicked out to try and get him off me so that I could get away, he just used it as an excuse to say I hit him and continue his assault. As his mum watched on.

Eventually 2 men inside the shop realised what  was happening and ran out to stop him. As he tried to defend his actions, I was able to get myself fully into the car again and my friend drove away. I was bruised, my hair falling out in clumps and upset. I did call the police, by the time they arrived though, the man who assaulted me was gone.

Eventually the case did go to court, where he accused me of assaulting him and claimed self defense. Luckily his two ‘witnesses’ didn’t have stories that made any sense, since they were lying. And in the end, he was found guilty. But sentenced only to fulfill a community payback order. I’ve never felt any justice was done.

Now you know the story of the assault, here’s the outcome. Although I had been out of work due to ill health, prior to the assault, I was feeling better and looking at either returning to work or returning to higher education. As a result of what happened that day, almost 3 years later, I am still out of work. I suffer from very bad anxiety and depression. I made an attempt at returning to work and was unable to cope because I’m too jumpy around people. I have a huge fear of being around too many people now, of going places on my own. Noises make me jump, sometimes even scream. If I’m in a car, I need to have the doors locked at all times. If anyone is too close to me, I freak out. This includes my own family members. It has had a profound, negative effect on my mental health and my life in general.

People often assume that  ‘I want to be like this’. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Who wants to live their life afraid to walk around the streets they grew up on because the person they’re so terrified of lives 5 minutes around the corner? To not be able to walk to the local shop on their own? To wait in the car outside for someone? That’s certainly not the life I want to live.  Which is why I’m determined to continue seeing the therapist to try and overcome this issue.

Weight Watching Week 2

Weight Watching Week 2

For anyone who has ever dieted, maybe a bit like me, you find the first week quite easy and the second week more difficult. You start to crave the things you haven’t had in a couple of weeks, the little treats that you wouldn’t have had to really think twice about getting before you started your diet. Whether on an actual groups diet plan, or just doing it yourself. Usually it’s in this second week that you see people having the kind of things you can’t really have anymore and that just makes you want it even more!

My example: Most Saturday’s, I watch my niece and nephew while their parents are out for the night, their siblings away to their dads for the weekend. Now usually, my thanks for doing that, is they buy me dinner. Never anything healthy of course. Maybe a Chinese, a McDonalds… some sort of fast food. This past Saturday though, I couldn’t have it. That didn’t stop them though! They sat around me with sausages, fritters and chips from the local chip shop, lots of chippy brown sauce. I’d had my healthy fish pie for dinner earlier. Had my cereal and had even taken my own milk to have with it for later, my low points snacks. I swear, I have never wanted anything so bad as I did right then! I hold my hands up and admit, I was talked in to eating a fritter. But considering I wanted to devour every greasy bit of food they had, I actually count that as a small victory. I managed to hold on to a little bit of willpower!

Saturday is just about Mid-week for my plan, since my class is on a Wednesday, and I suppose, weekends are probably hardest for most people. While for some people it’s having a drink or something on a night out, for me, it’s a day home alone all day as my mum is at work. (Yes I’m 29 and still live with my mum, but she’s my best friend so I don’t mind), and so instead of making something just for myself, I tend to think, ‘Oh I’ll just have some crisps or a slice of bread and butter’, not the healthiest options, lets be honest. And then, when I’m babysitting, there’d be the take away. So in week two, that has definitely been the biggest adjustment.

The next thing I probably noticed, is that with the success of week 1, I figured, okay, the foods I was eating did me really well. I’ll stick with those. Let’s face it though, it becomes really ‘samey’ after 2 weeks of repeating the same 2 or 3 meals. If I’m honest it probably doesn’t help the weight loss either to never change it up. I have to admit, I’m a carbs girl, and while on weight watchers, that’s absolutely fine, that all fits into the diet with the points system, overloading on them probably doesn’t do a whole lot of good. So with the advice of a friend, I did a couple of lower carb days, and having sneakily weighed myself throughout the week, I did notice that this was when my weight went down. So it’s definitely something I need to try and keep working on. Not having quite as much carbs every day and changing things up a bit.

I got one little thing that I want to try, it’s a Schwartz flavour shot, and when I’ve tried it, i’ll review it on here. But that will be for next week most likely. But be expecting it!

I did buy a few weight watchers branded items this week.  One of which was Weight Watchers bacon medallions.

Now I have to be honest here, I wasn’t overly happy to pay £2.65 for 8 rashers of bacon, but the truth is, they’re probably worth paying the bit extra for. For one you don’t have to mess about trimming all the fat from them. They’re also not as small as you might expect. At 1 point per rasher, one the days when I was having high protein dinners, I could have 4 of them with sausage and eggs and it made a lovely dinner. I’m not saying I’d buy them all the time because bacon isn’t something I eat a lot of, but if I’m buying it now and again, for a specific meal then I think I probably would just pay the bit extra for them.

I also love a packet of crisps every night, so my saving grace is Quavers which come in at 2 points a packet, and definitely worth it. Other little snacks/treats I love that I’ve had this week, and are low points are Ambrosia Devon custard pots which are 3 points for a normal pot and 2 for the light. Weight watchers ice cream swirlies which you can get a pack of 2 of in Iceland for £12 right now, also 2 points each, and they’re lovely. So I am definitely finding my way with this plan, figuring out little things (and not so little) that I can have and enjoy without worry about destroying my diet.

So I suppose we should come to today’s weight in. Not as much as last week but it was

1.5lbs loss

That’s a number I’m happy with, that’s 6lbs in two weeks on this plan, one previous plans, its taken me much longer than that! So I’m on the right track! Next week hopefully I will get my half stone sticker, that is the aim!

(Oh and I did have a chip shop take away tonight as a treat, really wasn’t worth it. Didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would. Think next week I’ll just have my treat be a slightly larger portion of my normal meal!)




So, tonight was the first official weigh in at my weight watchers class. I’m going to be honest, I was nervous! I’m not one for cooking things fresh all the time, don’t always have the money or inclination to. I’m one of those people that definitely goes through phases, but I did find a couple of staples this week. Things that were a constant part of my food routine. I’m not usually a breakfast person, I can go all day until dinner time without having something, but this week, I made sure that I had something when I woke. Usually toast or cereal. Both of those things were my staples! I had one for supper and the other at night before bed. The reason: I’m a night time snacker! I always have been, I am not the best sleeper in the world, I tend to be up til 3am easily watching tv and that’s when I want to snack on absolute rubbish. But with making sure I have something to eat around 9pm, that has definitely been reduced.

Now, I won’t say that I haven’t snacked at all this week. That would be a lie. Truthfully, I still have crisps and something sweet every day. The difference now is that I have much lower calorie versions of what I usually would, and I work them into my allotted points for the day. I have 37, and honestly, I find it hard to use them all! The thing with this weight watchers propoints plan though, is that you NEED to use your daily allowance, or at least as close to it as possible. You have some leeway, where you can save a few one day to use extra on another. Personally, I prefer to try and stick to my daily amount as a general rule. So that being said, at night when I want my snacks, instead of the bar of galaxy or similar chocolate I would usually have, and the fatty crisps. I now have a packet of Quavers (2points a pack) and a Special K Biscuit Moments. Right now in our local poundland they’re in stock, which is great because they can be expensive otherwise, so i’ve been stocking up! That let’s me satisfy my cravings for something sweet and crisps without high calorie options and high points.  It’s great.

On the main meal side of things, I went shopping in Iceland and took my trusty weight watchers calculator (still can’t believe I paid £9.95 for it! Now I’ve joined up monthly I get it on my phone for free!), and before anything went in my trolley, the calculator came out, and points were figured out. If an okay portion worked out at an acceptable points value, in it went, if not, back in the freezer! I found that a lot of the things I liked, and that are handy, like chicken goujons, fish cakes etc, were all reasonable points values. So I got quite nicely stocked up for the week with the intention to make home made soup next week to bulk up the freezer some more!

Because I had done all  of this, I found it very easy to stay on the plan. I wrote everything down in my daily tracker so I always knew how many points I had used, and how many I had left. I was even able to go out for dinner to Wetherspoon’s and stay withing my daily allowance! (Ham, egg and chips was 18 points, great portion size, tasted delicious and absolutely worth it.) In just this one week, I have learned that it is so easy to lose weight, to follow a plan without having to spend a fortune you don’t have on different kinds of food that you might not like but try to force down because of your diet. Portion control has been what it’s all about. I work out the points values for a portion and I weigh whatever I’m having so that it is a one person portion. And because that’s what’s on my plate, I don’t feel dissatisfied, because it was enough. You only eat more because it’s on the plate. Well I do anyway. So yeah, overall, it’s been an easy week.

Time for the weigh in result??

Week 1: 4.5lb loss

I was so nervous stepping on those scales tonight, i’d had a sneaky weigh at home, but you never know how close those scales are to the ones you step on in class. I had expected maybe 2lbs, so when she told me I had a 4 and a half lb loss, I was over the moon. Not bad for week 1!

I don’t expect that every week, I know after week 1 it tends to be smaller amounts that come off, but a loss is what I aimed for and it’s what I got. So I’m extremely happy! Week 2 begins tomorrow. Fingers crossed next week will be another success. I’m sure I’ll blog more throughout the week now that I know more about the plan!

For anyone else on their own weight loss journeys: Good Luck!


My Challenge to Myself: Countdown to New York

My Challenge to Myself: Countdown to New York

All of my life, I have struggled with many things. Bad eyesight, a limp, a lisp, 5 brothers to name a few. However, there has always been one issue that has always been the biggest challenge is my weight. Looking at pictures of my as a little girl always amuses me, because as a small child (until about age 4/5) I was actually very petite. I had glasses that would have made those worn by Deirdre Barlow’s look fashionable, but I didn’t have a weight problem. I don’t really know when, or why, my weight started to become a problem. For as long as I can remember, it just has.  There’s always the same assumption that you ate unhealthily, parents fed you rubbish and so on, but believe it or not, that wasn’t the case. I lived in the same house as 4 of my 5 brothers, 3 of them it seemed could eat everything and never gain a pound. They seemed to get my mum’s good genes! My younger brother and I however, we were heavier, even though we ate the same foods. My father’s side of the family were all bigger. My father himself had fought his weight most of his life, even to this day, even though he’s very fit and slim, is very conscious of his weight. This blog isn’t about him though, is it?

Anyway, from about 6 years old onwards, my weight did begin to escalate. Almost every summer I would diet and lose weight before returning to school and then I would gain it again. It’s not that I wasn’t active. I really was as a kid, I was never indoors, our running around with the kids who stayed in the street, swimming every week, riding bikes. I definitely wasn’t ‘lazy’, as some people like to blame for the problem. I was very unhappy at school though. I was bullied about all those things I mentioned, the lisp, the limp, the eye patches…but mostly about my weight. And while it wasn’t the case when I was six, as I got older, I did definitely become a comfort eater. The worse I felt, the most I wanted to eat the things that made me feel better: chocolate, sweets and crisps etc. By the time I started secondary school I as about a size 14, and by the time I left 6 years later i’d kept growing to a size 22.

Over the summer between leaving school and starting university, I DID lose weight, I got down to a size 16-18 and was happier. I was away from the people who made me want to comfort eat. That didn’t last though. Something else I have suffered with for most of my life (and while not the main focus of this blog, is something I will most likely talk about here) is depression. As a result of family issues, the bullying i’ve endured throughout my life from school through to work and then an assault. None of these things are really great for the self confidence, self worth. So really, they weren’t the  biggest motivation for weight loss. I just felt so down all the time, that I wanted to cheer up, so I’d have a bar of chocolate, or an extra packet of crisps. I was put on anti-depressants and while I didn’t feel just as bad, I wasn’t motivated to diet either.

That changed a few years ago though, at my brother’s engagement party,  picture was taken which showed me on the dance floor, at my biggest yet and I saw it, and I knew I had to lose weight. To my own eyes, I looked like a beached whale, that was the words I used. I was a size 26-28 and only about 22 at the time. So I started dieting. I went to weight watchers for a bit, but did it mostly on my own, and I did do it! I lost almost 6 stone, getting down to a size 16, and I did keep it off for a while. Why not permanently? It comes back to my old friend: bullying. This time at work.

I won’t go into all of those details, not right now anyway, but I had a bit of a nervous breakdown after that, and the weight crept back up. I had to leave my job and be signed off work by my doctor, and I still am now almost 4 years later, because the following year, as I was starting to feel better, I was assaulted. So all of these things combined, I was at rock bottom. I was terrified to leave my house, being crowded by people overwhelms me, loud noises make me jumpy. I basically haven’t felt great about myself. So I let the weight gain continue until last year. My confidence was at its lowest, and I was having a hard time, someone very close to me was dying of cancer and I knew if I didn’t try something then things would just get worse.

I joined slimming world 2 days before my mum’s best friend passed away last year, with her encouragement. Having been diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis, weight loss has never been quick or easy for me. But I followed the plan, eating as much ‘free’ food as possible, staying withing my ‘syn’ limits, and slowly the weight did come off. I lost just under a stone and a half over the course of the 9 months I was there, not a lot by some people’s standards, but I was happy. If I lose 1lb a week, I’m happy because at least it’s coming off. I never had aims of 5+ lbs every week. Then Christmas came, and classes were off, and I thought I had it in the bag, I knew what I was doing now, didn’t need the class or the group to keep up the losses.

That’s why within 3 months I had gained every pound back.

Every time I said ‘tomorrow i’ll get back on track’. But let’s face it, that particular tomorrow just doesn’t come because you decide to have that big dinner, or the tube of pringles, or some chocolate instead and before you know it, another week has gone by.

I’m turning 30 in October, and my celebration is a trip to New York City in November. I am determined to have lost some weight before then, so when I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to do it on my own, when my friend mentioned weight watchers, I jokingly said we should go together. That was a week ago today, and last Wednesday we really did join a class. If I want to slim down for my dream holiday, then I need to be held accountable, I need a kick up the backside to keep it in gear.

So now we’re getting to why I started this blog. Here, I plan to keep a record of my journey as a ‘weight watcher’, from classes and weigh ins, to difficulties outside of the classes. All the triumphs and the disappointments, this is where I’m going to talk about them, because I know that’s what will help keep me motivated. I don’t have a ‘goal’ for going to NYC, I’d like to lose the stone I regained at the very least, so I suppose that’s the first hurdle, if I do better than that, then great.

I hope some people will find this an interesting journey to follow, I know it will be for me!

– Jo